Club Bylaws

Dated: September 8, 2011
This organization shall hereby be known as the Parrot Heads In Amish Paradise (P.H.I.A.P.). No person or group may enter into activities in which the name of the club is used or associated without prior written approval of the Executive Officers
This organization has been created under the ideals of the Parrot Heads In Paradise (P.H.I.P.) Inc., the nationally sanctioned Parrot Head Club, and will remain a member in good standing, respecting all guidelines and bylaws of the P.H.I.P.
The object and purposes for which the club is formed are as follows:
To be a source of enjoyment, relaxation, and fellowship.
To assist in community and environmental concerns.
To provide a variety of social activities for people of similar interests.
The Executive Officers shall be:
1. Captain
2. First Mate
3. Purser
4. Cruise Directors (2)
5. Scribe/Secretary
6. Crew Members At Large (3)
7. Membership Director - appointed; non-voting
8. Newsletter Editor - appointed; non-voting
9. Entertainment Director - appointed; non-voting
10. Other appointments as deemed necessary
A member in good standing is defined as a paid member for 90 days or more.
There shall be three types of membership:

Honorary Membership (Decided by 2/3 vote of the board).
1. Fees waived
2. Used to encourage involvement and support
3. Entitled to: club mailings, attend club events, purchase club merchandise
4. Unable to vote in club elections, ineligible for P.H.I.P. concert tickets, ineligible for Meeting Of The Minds (M.O.T.M.).
Resident Membership
1. Dues: Single Membership-$20 annual dues, Family Membership-$35 annual dues
2. Entitled to: club mailings, attend club events, purchase club merchandise, eligible to earn points for P.H.I.P. concert tickets, eligible to vote in club elections, eligible for Meeting Of The Minds (M.O.T.M.).
3. Annual membership renewal will be due January 1, payable to the Parrot Heads In Amish Paradise (P.H.I.A.P.) collected through the Purser.
4. Members eligible for Resident Membership joining after July 1 will pay dues at the rate of 50% of the annual dues. Respectively, this will maintain the membership until January 1 of the following year.
5. Any member with dues in arrears more than 30 days will be considered inactive. Payment of said dues will reinstate membership.
6. Members joining from November 1 to December 31 are considered in a gratuitous period; dues are not due again until December 31st of the following year. 7. Notice of dues will be sent annually via newsletter in December.
Lifetime Membership (Decided by 2/3 vote of the board).
1. Fees waived
2. Full membership benefits equal to those of Resident Membership (above)
3. This will be awarded for exceptional, long-term service
1. Socials will be held every month; locations and times will be determined by the majority of the board. A. Currently held on the second Thursday of the month @ 7:00 PM B. Open to officers, members and perspective members / guests. C. Information / announcements will be announced @ 8:00 PM
2. Special meetings and fund- raisers will be held at various locations, depending on the nature of the event.
A. Members will be notified of these events through regular meetings and newsletters.
B. If event is held in public area, both members and prospective members / guests are invited.
C. If event is held in a private area or where the club has paid for an event, it will be for members only.
D. Guests / non-members may participate in events for a T.B.D. amount, on a space available basis.
3. Board meetings will be held monthly or as needed.
A. Issues requiring the Board’s attention should be addressed only at an official board meeting with minutes taken as history.
B. Only the Executive Board will vote on or pass motions.
C. A majority vote of the Executive Board will be required to pass any motion or to amend the club Bylaws.
It is the intention of the Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise (PHIAP) to provide social and charitable activities for the enjoyment and benefit of all our members, guests, hosts and charities. All members of the organization shall be required to treat fellow members, guests and hosts, and their personal property, with respect. Members also agree to abide by all local, state and federal laws including, but not limited to, those governing misuse of personal privileges, personal property, and controlled substances. Members of the PHIAP, by virtue of their membership agreement, agree to demonstrate personal responsibility for their words, actions and deeds and not to exhibit behaviors that are harmful to themselves and other members, guests and hosts or their personal property. We seek to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to share our common love of the music and tales of Jimmy Buffett and to further the charitable ideals that we seek to uphold. PHIAP will not condone behavior contrary to our objectives nor that which we feel is
harmful or injurious to others. By virtue of your membership in the Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise you have indeed agreed to "Party with a Purpose" in a most responsible fashion!
The Executive Board may suspend from Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise any member whom the entire Executive Board determines no longer meets the requirements for membership set forth in Article II of these By-Laws and/or "Code of Conduct". This must be done by a unanimous vote. The vote suspends such member's membership in Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise and all rights and privileges associated therewith.
Any member may be terminated by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board. Upon termination, all items belonging to the club will be returned to the club. Examples for termination: fighting, theft, defacing property, or unbecoming conduct.
Elected officers will serve a term of 2 years but not to run more than 3 consecutive terms, unless approved by the Executive Board. Only members in good standing shall be eligible to:
1. Nominate a member for office
2. Be elected to hold a position on the Executive Board
The terms of office will be 2 years with elections being held in the last quarter as determined by the elections officer; in no instance will this be later than November 30; term will begin January 1. Officers must:
1. Attend monthly Board meetings with regularity
2. Have access to a computer for frequent e-mails
Any officer may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary. Any officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board. In the event of a vacancy of an Executive officer:
1. In the event of an Executive Officer unable/unwilling to fulfill the duties associated with the vacancy, an elected Board member will be appointed, by the Board, to complete the tasks and duties of that vacant term.
2. In the event the Executive member is unable/unwilling to fulfill the duties associated with the vacancy, a call to the general membership will be utilized.
3. The Executive member vacancy will be filled by a majority vote of the Executive officers by a member of the club in good standing.
4. The vacancy will be announced to the resident membership by e-mail.
5. The vacancy will be filled by the next month’s Board meeting, if at all possible.
An elections officer will be utilized for the election process. This member will NOT be a nominee for any of the vacancies and will be responsible for the issuance of ballots and tallying of votes.
The financial report shall be submitted monthly by the Purser and will contain:
1. Budget expenditures and balances
2. Cash receipts, disbursements and balances
The Purser, Captain, and First Mate shall disperse all checks or money.
Checks greater than $300 will require two signatures.
Reimbursement for expenditures will be approved by a simple majority of the Board Members Executive Officers must pre-approve of all fund-raisers and their designated beneficiary prior to any releases or publicity.
In the absence of the Purser, an approved appointee will collect or issue moneys as needed. A detailed report containing expenses and proceeds will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval, including a year-end final report.
Once approved by the Executive Board, the Purser will issue a check to the charity.
A quorum (7 of 9 Board members) will be required to approve of any expenditures, events, etc. This can be accomplished by monthly Board meetings and via e-mail.
1. Chair all Business/Planning meetings
2. Be the designated contact for P.H.I.P.
3. Be responsible for turning in bi-annual reports to the P.H.I.P.
4. Interface with other clubs and pass along to the club all information related to events and other items of interest
5. Submit the annual list of all members in good standing along with the required P.H.I.P. dues by January 31 each year
1. Fulfill all duties as related to the President in their absence
2. Serve as alternate contact for P.H.I.P.
3. Work jointly with Cruise Directors and Newsletter Editor
4. Record and maintain attendance records for activities and participation in community projects/fund-raisers
1. Collect dues, fees and other funds of the Club and deposit said funds to bank.
2. Submit financial statements monthly
3. Submit monthly recap in club newsletter
1. Be the contact/coordinator for Special Events, Charities, Community Service Projects, and Social Gatherings
2. Investigate the charity and is our club contact with the agency 3. Work jointly with the FIRST MATE
1. Be responsible for monthly (or as determined) newsletter
1. Evaluate musical acts for the club and makes recommendations concerning future club events
1. Maintain membership listings, membership renewal and furnish or post such list as required
2. Be responsible for membership forms and registration of new members
1. Maintain records of Board and Planning Meeting minutes
2. Maintain the Bylaws and amendments thereto as books and records of the club 3. Collect brochures/general information on our designated or future charities
4. Maintain records from all offices turned in yearly to be maintained for history
1. Occupy three positions on the Executive Board
2. Fulfill any vacancy due to an officer unable to complete their term of office
3. Assist all committee chairs as needed
**All positions are encouraged to submit quarterly newsletter articles.**
1. The Elections Officer will be selected by the current President and approved by the Executive Board by August 30 and will take nominations and count the votes. This member will not be a current officer or someone who intends to run for an office during that year’s elections.
2. Elections Officer will call for nominations by September 15. No member may run for more than one elected position.
3. The Elections Officer must receive all nominations by September 30. The Elections Officer will compile the list of nominations and seek acceptance or refusal of the nominations from the nominated individuals.
4. The Elections Officer will present a slate of candidates to the general membership at the October general meeting and through the P.H.I.A.P. newsletter. 5. Voting will be done via e-mail or by a ballot containing the voting club member's name.Voting will be completed on a date as determined by the Elections Officer. Ballots will be mailed to the Election Officer's home.
6. The Election Officers term expires after the election
7. Elections will be held in odd years (i.e. 2013, 2015, and so on) for the following positions:
Cruise Director (1)
Member-at-Large (2)
8. Elections will be held in even years (i.e. 2012, 2014, and so on) for the following positions:
First Mate
Cruise Director (1)
Member-at-large (1)

9. Results will be announced at the first meeting after the elections.
10.Officers will assume their elected positions on January 1; they will meet in December with the current Board.
Tickets are available only to members in good standing (paid members 90-days prior to PHIP ticket announcement).
1. Dues must be paid in full.
2. The Captain, First Mate, and Board Officers will handle tickets.
3. Tickets will be distributed by the Parrot point/tier system. The tier system will be established by the Executive Board based upon the number of tickets made available by the P.H.I.P. Tickets and distribution rules will be announced through e-mail and the Club newsletter.
4. Members must pay for tickets prior to receiving them.
5. It is the member's responsibility to get payment to the Purser for these reserved tickets.
6. No tickets will be held on a request/want basis.
7. No "GHOST" MEMBERSHIPS; individuals joining as a couple for two tickets etc.
1. The point system will be utilized for the tracking of involvement and participation of charity events community projects, and fund-raisers.
2. Additional points will be awarded for those involved with the preparation and planning for these events, or for involvement with various committees.
3. All members are requested to participate in a minimum of four community service events, acknowledged as club-sponsored events, throughout the calendar year .
4. Members may request approval by the Executive Board for participation in community service in their own locale.
5. Monetary contributions or donations of raffle items to be used to raise money for community service fund-raising event will be considered a participation for Parrot Points upon prior approval of the Executive Board.
6. Parrot Points will not be awarded prior to an event.
7. Parrot Points cannot be awarded to a non-member. If a guest participates in an event and later joins the club, Parrot Point accumulation begins at the time application is received.
8. Parrot points are awarded on a calendar year basis.
9. In the event a member has accumulated enough Parrot Points to be eligible for club tickets but chooses not to use them, or finds out prior to the concert that they are unable to use them, the member must return the ticket(s) to the club to be distributed to the next member in line for eligibility.
15 PT. - Board membership
8 PT. - Chairperson for a large fundraiser
5 PT. - Chairperson for a small fundraiser
4 PT. - Committee head for a large fundraiser
3 PT. - Road clean-ups; fundraiser volunteers
1 PT. - Attendance at monthly meetings; raffle donations; newsletter articles; donations to RM House.
A committee will be comprised from the general membership, with a chairperson of their choice to run the committee.
1. Any motion to be addressed must be submitted to the Executive Board members in writing.
2. Revisions to the By-Laws must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
3. The motion will be advertised to the general membership through newsletter/flier/or a call of a special General Membership meeting.
4. The motion may be adopted at a general membership meeting by the vote of the majority in attendance.
5. Minor revisions for clarification or of typographic nature will require only the Executive Board's approval to be considered amended.
PHIAP may collect a percentage of the proceeds from PHIAP sponsored fundraisers; 5% will be collected on the first $1,000 raised and 3% will be collected on the remainder over $1,000 raised. Prior to committing to a fundraiser, the board will decide by simple majority whether to collect or waive said fees.