Partying with a  Purpose in Central Pennslyvania

Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise is a group of Pholks in the Greater Central Pennsylvania Area brought together, initially, by their love of Jimmy Buffett music.  We are a local chapter of the Parrot Heads in Paradise, the national organization that promotes fellowship among Jimmy Buffett fans through club Phlockings and more importantly community service, especially for environmental concerns.

Join us at our quarterly meetings to get to know fellow members, hear about club happenings, raffle prizes, and live music from Tropical Soul!

Whether it's a live concerts, golf tournaments, road clean-up, serving Ronald McDonald house meals, or charity walk, there's always a philanthropic component. Check out our upcoming events. 

Become an official Parrot Head member through our local chapter - meet fellow Jimmy Buffet fans, and  get benefits like access to concert tickets!

Friends of the Phlock